Joseph A. DiConcetto, MD  
Frequently Asked Questions
Prick Skin testing

Procedure Description:
Prick Skin testing

What To Expect:
This testing is done on the forearms and generally takes 15-20 minutes. A small amount of liquid allergen is placed on the forearm and pricked under the skin. This procedure is painless, but will become itchy if an allergy is present.

Avoidance of all antihistamines for 2-7 days is necessary for the testing to react properly. These include Claritin, Allegra, Benadryl, Clarinex, Zyrtec and Xyzal to name a few.

Positive allergens may be itchy for a couple of hours following the procedure, you may take an antihistamine and use hydrocortisone cream for any increased itching.